• Powerful Energy Healing

    I Study and Actively Practice Many Energy Healing Modalities. I Am Prepared To Offer Whatever Healing Is Neccesary In The Moment.

    Energy Healing
  • My Unique Relationship With Energy

    I Am Able To Move Energy Very Easily Due To A Car Accident, Many Out of Body Experiences, and Practice.

  • I Can Come To You

    An Experienced Energy Healer When and Where You Need Me. I Also Have An Office If You Wish To Come To Me.

    Energy Healing


My name is Billy and I offer energy healing to people in Los Angeles. I have a unique relationship with nonphysical energy. I can balance and align your energy body using various techniques i've learned over the years. If you can't come to me, I can come to you.

Watch My Recent Radio Interview Where I Talk Out of Body Experiences, Programming Water, My Trip To Norway, and More...

About me

Billy in Tulum

Billy S.

Energy Healer


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About Me

I have been doing Energy Healing Work for people for a few years now but I have been involved in moving energy and consciousness for a lot longer than that. When I was 18 going on 19 I was in a car accident where I received a severe concussion which lead to some pretty poor memory for about 6 months. I always had an interest in things like ghosts and metaphysics but that day I got a violent push forward.

After that I started having various spirit-related experiences and was seeing lights and feeling feelings a lot stronger, among many other things that are very hard to explain. I had become anxious in groups of people and overwhelmed by every emotion around me. It was a very hard time in my life. However it was a peak time in my life for my out of body experiences (which I still have) and I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. All of these experiences added to my ability to move energy not only in myself but in other people.

It took me a while to get the right direction on how to maintain a normal balance in life on emotional and physical levels. I received and still receive advice from several different channels on moving energy and the complex purpose behind doing so. I have studied the energy body from many different sources and have taken what works and have discarded the rest. I am still to this day pleasantly surprised by how easily I am able to tap into others' energy systems and investivate what is wrong. You will be too.

I do not smell weird, dance around with feathers, or speak in metaphors. I am told that I "am not creepy" and will not stare at you for a uncomfortable length of time. I am a normal guy doing what can be considered to be abnormal things.

Billy at the Redwoods
Billy at the Redwoods

Services I provide

I Make House and Office Calls. $75 per Session Which Includes Cost of Commute (If Come To You)

Heal Serious Injuries, Emotional States, and Illnesses

I Activate and Evolve Your Energy System. I Also Teach How.

My Skills

Aside from having the ability to move energy with extreme ease, I have been taught several different ways of MerKaBa Activating. Along with that I have many different certifications in various different modalities such as Master Reiki Practioner and Akashic Record reader but what I do is neither of those things, nor are they the other various modalities i've been taught. Certifications are not important. A person is important. I was doing energy work for people long before I was certified in anything. I have studied under several very advanced channels and have learned much on how the emotions and thoughts connect to energy and how they all connect to the physical body. Most of what I know doesn't have a technical name which is why I usually just use the term "energy work". Whatever your problem is, I can reprogram energy from the proper source and counteract your issue. Energy is all around us, in every cell, in every atom. It's just a matter of knowing what to do with it. You could say that I have a lot of natural ability due to my many many out of body experiences and exploration. There is a lot that just came as a kind of side effect through those experiences. You do and learn so much when out of body that some things I can do occur naturally without thought or preperation. It just flows. I enjoy challenges and am open to work with any severe injury or terminal illness.

Contact me and i can explain further if need be.

Where I go

Sedona, Az

Machu Pichu

At Mt Shasta

Chichen Itza (Mayan Ruins)

Coba Observatory (Mayan Ruins)

Amazon River

Contact Me By Phone, text, or email

Phone: 818-531-5684


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